Getting to Santa Monica Pier

Located in the Downtown District along the beautiful Californian oceanfront beaches, the Santa Monica Pier is accessible by local public and private transportation. Local bus services are provided by the Big Blue Bus company, which is a small municipal transit system serving Santa Monica and nearby neighborhoods of Los Angeles such as Westwood and Venice.

The Santa Monica Place, which is a premier shopping mall that is located right next to the Santa Monica Pier, is served by Big Blue Bus routes 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10. This makes Santa Monica Place a major transit center in the city and the best way to get to the city’s waterfront area. All of the buses that stop at the Santa Monica Place can be used to transfer to the rest of the Big Blue Bus lines.

Santa Monica is also served by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, locally known as the LA Metro. For example, the LA Metro bus routes 720 and 733 stop directly near the Santa Monica Pier along Colorado Avenue. These services allow for a convenient transfer between the Santa Monica beaches and various parts of Los Angeles. The LA Metro 704 bus stops near the Santa Monica waterfront at Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Since Santa Monica does not have any rail service, passengers can connect to the extensive network of the LA Metro subway, commuter rail, and other buses. There are also plenty of taxis available throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area that can take visitors to the Santa Monica Pier at fair prices.

Driving to the Santa Monica Pier is convenient because Interstate 10 leads directly to the city’s popular beachfront area. Exit 1A on Interstate 10 merges onto Colorado Avenue, which leads directly to the Santa Monica Pier. The drive between Los Angeles and Santa Monica is only 15 miles on Interstate 10. Stretching for more than 2,400 miles, I-10 links Santa Monica with all southern regions of the United States. There is a parking lot that can accommodate several thousand vehicles visiting the Santa Monica Pier. Visitors may also want to cruise around the beautiful palm tree lined Ocean Avenue, which runs along the beaches of Santa Monica.

California State Route 1, known as the Pacific Coast Highway, is a major route that links Santa Monica with all coastal regions of California. Running for more than 650 miles along the state’s coast, State Route 1 offers a scenic journey to the Santa Monica Pier.