Santa Monica Shopping

Pier Bait And Tackle
For visitors who have arrived at the Santa Monica Pier and have forgotten to bring their fishing equipment (yes, the pier does allow fishing!), Pier Bait And Tackle offers everything one could want to fish off of the pier. Featuring fishing poles and supplies such as replacement reels and fishing line as well as bait that is appropriate to catch fish right off of the pier, this store can equip visitors to have a very successful fishing journey. They also offer pole rentals and helpful information about catching fish right off of the pier; fish that are indigenous to the area include mackerel, tiger sharks, white sea bass, and leopard sharks. For those who want to relax after a long day of shopping, an afternoon spent fishing is an excellent way to do it!

Oatman Rock Shop
Oatman Rock Shop has been a fixture of the Santa Monica Pier since the 1960s. They offer a beautiful array of colored seashells, beautiful crystals, and other Santa Monica souvenirs. In addition, the Oatman Rock Shop is true to its roots in the 1960s, offering a wide selection of both vintage and recreations of 1960s memorabilia such as band shirts, shining Buddhas and crystal pyramids. This shop also has repair services available for small pieces of jewelry that have been scuffed up or broken by the beach sand.

66 To Cali
66 To Cali is the ultimate resource for memorabilia relating to Route 66; they even stock authentic Route 66 road signs! These signs make perfect wall-hangings for any lover of this iconic American highway. In addition, they sell guides for dining and sightseeing while traveling on Route 66 as well as shirts, clothing, and shot glasses with the iconic Route 66 Highway sign emblazoned on them.

Marlene’s Beachcomber
Marlene’s Beachcomber offers everything visitors need for a day at the beach. Forget to bring sunscreen, beach mats, sunglasses, sandals, or beach towels? Marlene’s Beachcomber sells all the necessities for a beach adventure in addition to Santa Monica souvenirs and memorabilia such as shirts, postcards, and personalized keychains.

Carousel Gift Shop
The Carousel Gift Shop is located right next to the iconic carousel at the Santa Monica Pier; they sell a wide variety of gifts such as shirts, sweaters, buttons and other novelties featuring the carousel at the pier. This gift shop makes a perfect stop for guests after they finish riding the carousel, so that they can pick up some memorabilia to commemorate their Santa Monica Pier vacation and make those memories last forever!